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Pitch Ability Test

Pitch Ability Test

In an attempt to demystify the term Perfect Pitch, one of the main criteria Accurately sing a named note without a reference was used to make a more scientific approach than: you either have it or not. By introducing a method to measure the criteria ... absolute pitch , perfect pitch ...

December 8th 2016 52,500k Freeware  AlgorithmsAndDatastructures F Rudin
Any EBook Converter Free

Any EBook Converter Free

Any EBook Converter Free is a free eBook converter that can batch convert a massive amount of eBooks in a short time to the format that suits your devices. It is a multithreaded converter with ability to run up to 16 conversion tasks simultaneously instead ... ebook reader , pdf to epub , epub converter , ebook converter , epub to pdf ...

February 13th 2016 55,660k Freeware  AECF Co Ltd
Military Time Calculator

Military Time Calculator

As we all know military time is a non ambiguous time format used mainly by military peoples. Using our tools one can convert civilian time to military time and show it in right on the desktop. military , military time chart , military time conversion chart ...

May 23rd 2015 923k Freeware  Military Time Clock Inc
Word List Creator

Word List Creator

Word List Creator is a handy tool that enables the user to extract a word list from any given text. The list can be extracted alphabetically, showing each case of the word found in the text, or by word frequency, beginning with the least, and ... word , words , list , frequency , word frequency ...

January 4th 2014 1,375k Shareware  WordListCreator com

StatPlanet Map Maker

StatPlanet Map Maker is a free program for creating highly interactive Flash maps which can be published online. A stand-alone offline version is also included.

September 19th 2012 6,646k Freeware

US Presidents Flash Cards

This easy-to-use flash card program helps you quickly and painlessly learn the US Presidents.

September 18th 2012 6k Freeware


RCDB (or my Running/Cycling Database Plus program) that will give you the possibility to track activities that you do daily such as running, swimming, bicycling, etc. You can add Equipment and track its use, graph your activities in a specified date range

September 18th 2012 5,827k Freeware

Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D 4.0 Beta

Virtual Earth 3D brings you another step closer to knowing "what it is like out there". You can search, browse, and organize local information viewed in three dimensions, just the way it exists in the real world. This enables you to more effectively find

September 17th 2012 1,188k Freeware

SunCalculator for Win XP

Calculate Sunrise, Sunset and dawn times. The calculations are based on the sunriset function that was released by Paul Schlyter, 1992 under the Public Domain.

September 15th 2012 8,325k Freeware

Algorithm Simulator

AlgoSim is a numerical calculator with features such as function plotting, one variable statistical analysis, and visual creation of user-defined algorithms. The program has calculus features, represented by numerical differentiation, integration and loca

September 15th 2012 780k Freeware

Noodle Timer

A freeware for PocketPC users to time the amount of time left for the cooking of instant noodles. You may change the minutes required. VB runtime for PocketPC is required (if not already installed in your pocket PC) and can be downloaded from Microsoft fr

September 14th 2012 685k Freeware


TTView allows you to customize your TomTom navigation device. With this program you can view and / or change the POI, itinerary, sounds, voices, colors, bitmaps TomTom GPS.

September 14th 2012 5,437k Freeware

Portable Rapid Typing Tutor

A portable version of the popular Rapid Typing Tutor, this application marks the cutting edge in typing software. Learning how to type with Rapid Typing Tutor is both a fun and effective experience.

September 13th 2012 5,468k Freeware

A+ Exam Quiz

A+ Quiz & practice questions By ProProfs Quiz School. Provides a free dynamic A+ practice questions. A+ practice tests includes explanations, custom A+ practice questions, A+ quiz tips, online quizzes and reports The software aids training for CompTIA A+

September 12th 2012 2,990k Freeware

Flashcard Master

Flashcard Master is a flashcard program. Flashcard Master allows users to design, edit and print flashcards. Flashcards you create in Flashcard Master look like real flashcard and can be easily printed on to real index cards for review when you are away f

September 11th 2012 1,208k Freeware


Elplek calculates all currents in a network in the case of different faults(three phase fault, line to line fault, line to earth fault, line to line to earth fault). The initial short circuit currents Ik" can be calculated either using thesuperposition me

September 11th 2012 1,126k Freeware

Fireworks Simulator Engine

Fireworks Simulator Engine is a 3D simulator of pyrotechnics effects.

September 11th 2012 3,277k Freeware Home Edition Home Edition is a genealogy and family tree program for Windows.

September 10th 2012 2,990k Freeware


Program converts measure units that are commonly used in Europe and the U.S.A. There are six categories which the application calculates with: Temperature, Length, Area, Weight, Volume and Pressure. It also contains standard MS calculator since it can be

September 9th 2012 1,536k Freeware


Homebrewer?s recipe calculator. Use this to formulate recipes for ales, lagers and stouts. It also includes a brewing primer for those just starting out in the homebrewing hobby.

September 9th 2012 3,174k Freeware
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